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Having lovingly restored our beautiful farmstead to its future glory we would love to share it with you.
Built in 1630, the house had changed little for many years, it is something of a local landmark, much loved by locals and tourists alike.
Life would have been hard for previous generations living here with no electricity or plumbing, access only via a 1.5 mile walk from the village, heating was provided by the traditional Yorkshire range at the heart of the house, water has always been in abundance and was sourced directly from a stream on the Fell.

These days things are a little different but the charm and sense of history are still very much in abundance.
You'll be pleased to hear being off grid is now a far more comfortable affair, we generate electricity with a wind turbine, heating and hot water is provided by an eco friendly Bio mass boiler and although our water still comes from the Fell, it goes through a UV filtration system guaranteeing it's purity.

A big part of living and working in this landscape means working with and supporting the community, for us this can mean anything from lending a hand to our farming neighbours gathering the many hefted sheep that share the open fell with us, raising money for the Cave and Mountain Rescue Organisation or buying local produce and art.

Living in such an amazing location surrounded by nature, we can't help but want to protect the environment, we are very much custodians of Crina Bottom and as such want to make sure we look after it and the countryside for the next generation.

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